Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling

Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course focuses on basin analysis and petroleum systems modeling from input to output. It starts by explaining basin evolution followed by petroleum formation, expulsion, migration and trapping. The course is completed by addressing key risks and uncertainties that have impact on prospect evaluation process.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Sedimentary Basins

  • Basin Forming Mechanisms

  • Basin Classification and Structural Analysis

  • Basin Fill

  • Geochemical Analysis

  • Temperatures and Pressures in Sedimentary Basins

  • Petroleum System Modeling

    • The Petroluem Systems Modeling Approach

    • Hydrocarbon Generation

    • Hydrocarbon Migration

    • Uncertainty Management and Quantification

Course Description