Clastic Sedimentology

Clastic Sedimentology


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course reviews the basics of clastic sedimentology and its relation with exploration and development projects. The main types of sedimentary basin are briefly reviewed as well as the processes of erosion, transport and deposition of sediments by water and wind. This is followed by reservoir characterization including deterministic and stochastic approaches

Course Contents

  • Basin types and tectonic settings

  • The effects of base-level changes and syn-depositional tectonics on patterns of sediment distribution

  • The role of analogues in building reservoir models in different depositional settings.

  • Review of sedimentary environments

  • The basic mechanics of sediment erosion, transport and deposition

  • Post-depositional processes and products

  • Processes of sediment generation and supply in different settings: Alluvial, Deltaic, Coastal, Shallow marine.

  • Review of sedimentary environments: Slope, Deep marine, Aeolian, Lacustrine

  • Correlation and reservoir modeling

Course Description