Coiled Tubing Intervention

Coiled Tubing Intervention


Well Intervention

Course Duration

5 days

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Coiled Tubing is one of the most common technologies used for well intervention on a daily basis throughout the oil industry during drilling, completion, and mainly production phases of oil and gas wells around the world. This course covers the surface and pressure control equipment, the bottom hole assembly components, the details of the different types of interventions performed with Coiled Tubing and how to deal with fatigue. It also includes a thorough discussion of coiled tubing equipment, the physical principles behind coiled tubing safety, principal applications of coiled tubing and pipe management. We will also discuss the CT application design and also the contingency plan for CT operations.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Coiled Tubing Services

  • Basic CT Equipment

  • Well Control Equipment

  • Depth Control

  • Introduction to Job Design

  • CT Basic Operational Workflow

  • Job Design – Risk Analysis

  • Job Design – Modeling

  • Introduction to CT Application

    • Matrix Stimulation and pumping operations with CT

    • Fill/Scale removal

    • Nitrogen Lift

    • Hydraulic Fracturing

    • Milling Job

    • Cementing Job

  • CT Logging

  • New Technology

Course Description