Deepwater Seismic Interpretation

Deepwater Seismic Interpretation


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course targets seismic interpretation in deepwater. It covers acquisition, processing and interpretation in the context of deepwater environments. The course also focuses on correct workflows specialized for deepwater processing and interpretation. The course is completed with practical examples and exercises to complement the knowledge gained.

Course Contents

  • Deepwater Seismology

  • Deepwater Petroleum Geology Provinces and World Distribution of Deepwater Basins

  • Exploration and Production in Deepwater

  • Deepwater Seismic Reflection Section Parameters 2D and 3D

  • Un-migrated and Migrated Deepwater Seismic Sections and Dip and Strike Sections

  • Deepwater Mapping Techniques

  • Interpretation of deepwater records offshore rifted margins

  • Gas seeps and gas hydrates recognition

  • Overpressure prediction

  • Deepwater Reservoirs Interpretation Techniques

  • Reservoir identification - bright spots, dim-spots, flat-spots

  • Deepwater Petroleum Systems

  • Prospect Generation; Risking of Deepwater Prospects; Project Economics

  • Deepwater Compression Tectonics - Mapping Interpretation

  • Velocities and Depth Conversion in deepwater

Course Description