Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling

Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling


Drilling and Workover

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course will equip the participant with the required applied knowledge and skills to understand the directional drilling theory and project the well path to a pre-determined target depth. The course will also focus on the design aspects of directional drilling such as BHA selection, torque and drag modelling, survey calculations, well-to-well clearance calculations and uncertainty analysis. Problems associated with directional drilling such as unintentional wellbore deviation and differential sticking will be presented.

Course Contents

  • Directional drilling methods and their applications

  • Torque & Drag Analysis and modeling

  • Drilling hydraulics requirements

  • Directional drilling tools:

    • Drill string Components

    • Deflection Tools and Methods

    • Positive Displacement Mud Motors

    • Stabilizer

    • Drill Collars

    • Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer (AGS)

    • Jars

    • Mud Motors and Turbines

    • Positive Displacement Mud Motors

    • Turbines

  • Bottomhole assembly design considerations

  • Problems associated with directional wells and their mitigation

Course Description