Drilling Fluids

Drilling Fluids


Drilling and Workover

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course focuses on all aspects of drilling fluids design, selection and associated drilling and formation damage issues. The course also presents the latest drilling fluids technology and introduces engineering procedures for evaluating their performance. The course is completed by a project to design the drilling fluid requirements for a case study well.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to drilling fluids

  • Drilling fluids components

  • The development of drilling fluid technology

  • Equipment and procedure for evaluating drilling fluid performance

  • Clay mineralogy and the colloid chemistry of drilling fluids

  • Rheology of drilling fluids

  • Filtration properties of drilling fluids

  • Surface chemistry of drilling fluids

  • Wellbore stability

  • Drilling problems related to drilling fluids

  • Drilling fluids waste management

  • Drilling fluids selection and design, a case study

Course Description