Enhanced Oil Recovery Process, Chemical, Miscible, and thermal


Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics

Course Duration

5 days

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This course is intended to provide an overall understanding of the major enhanced oil recovery processes such as miscible, thermal and chemical flooding schemes. The participant will gain applied knowledge in the design aspects of enhanced oil recovery methods in post- waterflooding reservoirs.

Course Contents

  • Introdution to enhanced oil recovery processes

  • Microscopic and macroscopic displacement of fluids in reservoirs

  • Displacement in linear system

  • Gas injection methods

  • Design of gas injection enhanced oil recovery scheme

  • Chemical injection method

  • Polymer flooding

  • Surfactants flooding

  • Low salinity water flooding

  • Design of chemical flooding enhanced oil recovery scheme

  • Thermal flooding method

  • Hot water injection

  • Steam injection

  • In-Situ combustion

  • Design of thermal flooding enhanced oil recovery scheme

  • Enhanced oil recovery screening criteria

  • Environment friendly enhanced oil recovery

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