Fault Seal Analysis in Exploration and Development: Theory and Application


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course focuses on trap and seal analysis particularly related to faults. Fault seal analysis is very important in exploration and development of new well delivery. The course helps in prediction of fault behavior and sealing capacity in subsurface traps. The course is completed by making exercises on fault analysis by software.

Course Contents

  • Fault Geometry and fault zone architecture

  • Threshold pressure

  • Buoyancy force/capillary pressure

  • Description and deformation mechanisms

  • Flow properties of faults

  • Juxtaposition seal

  • Fault rock seal

  • Shale Gouge Ratio

  • Clay Smear

  • Effective shale gouge ratio

  • Geomechanics as applied to fault seal

  • Reservoir flow simulation with faults

  • Applications of fault seal analysis in exploration and production

  • Predicting seal capacity

  • Risk and uncertainty

Course Description

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