Fundamentals of Seismic Acquisition, Processing, Imaging and Interpretation


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course focuses on practical acquisition and processing principles of seismic data. The course also presents interpretation and prediction of geological and petrophysical properties derived from seismic images. The course is completed by data examples and exercises to illustrate the given concepts.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to role of seismic in the E&P business

  • Seismic Markets – Equipment, Acquisition, Multiclient

  • Seismic Principles

  • Marine Seismic Acquisition and Techniques

  • Land Seismic Acquisition and Techniques

  • Seismic Data Processing  - Data Conditioning

  • Near-Surface Distortion Correction

  • Wavelets and Wavelet Shaping

  • Regularization

  • Multiple and Noise Attenuation

  • Velocity Model Building

  • Velocity Analysis for Time Processing

  • Seismic Data Imaging

  • Borehole Seismic Acquisition and Processing

  • Seismic Data Interpretation

  • Survey Design

Course Description

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