Gas Lift


Production & Operations

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This exercise-intensive course presents the design and operational aspects of gas lift in great detail. The participant will be able to model flow in gas lift completion and examine the impact of key well performance parameters such as tubing size, mandrel spacing, gas injection rate and surface flowing pressure.

Course Contents

  • Overview of oil and gas production technologies

  • Artificial lift technologies

  • Principles of gas lift

  • Design and operations of gas lift completions

  • Intermittent versus continuous systems

  • Processes involved in gas lift

  • Inflow performance calculations

  • Outflow performance calculations

  • Nodal analysis in gas lift completions

  • Equilibrium curves

  • Gas lift equipment and valve mechanics

  • Gas lift valve selection and calibration

  • Gas lift equipment demo

  • Unloading

  • Gas lift system monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Design case studies and exercise

Course Description