Goal Setting & Achieving

Goal Setting & Achieving


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There's a big difference between goal setting and goal achieving, and we will bridge that gap in this powerful course. Learn how to set and achieve any goal you truly desire. When you finish this life-changing course, you will have a thorough understanding of how each element of your being works to bring about the results you are getting in your life. You will have become a Goal Achiever. If you're truly ready to stop wishing and start living the life you believe you deserve, it's time for The Goal Setting and Achieving System. With this program you will receive your own Goal Card and workbook, you will be able to set and achieve ANY goal you choose.

Course Contents

  • Life Goal Evaluation

  • Focus on Real, Achievable Goals

  • Life Goals Prioritization

  • Help Attracting Attitude Development

  • Labeling Goals Apart from Wishes

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