Introduction to Drilling and Completion Operations

Introduction to Drilling and Completion Operations


Drilling and Workover

Course Duration

5 days

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This course introduces basic drilling engineering concepts that include description of rotary drilling systems, casing design and cementing practices. The course also discusses special operational topics such as optimization of drilling parameters, well control and drilling hydraulics, drilling problems and economics.

Course Contents

  • Introduction; History of drilling

  • Overview of drilling operations

  • Types of wells

  • Review of drilling units

  • Rotary drilling and its components

  • Classification of drilling rigs

  • Modern rotary drilling rigs components:

    • Power system

    • Hoisting system

    • Circulation system

    • Rotary system

    • Well control system

    • Well monitoring system

  • Drilling hydraulics

  • Casing design

  • Cementing design and practices

  • Drilling string design

  • Drilling bit design and selection

  • Common drilling operational problems

  • Optimization of drilling parameters

  • Drilling planning and economics

Course Description