Natural Gas Engineering

Natural Gas Engineering



Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


The course presents methods to estimate gas reserves for volumetric and water-drive gas reservoirs, and performance analysis of gas-condensate reservoirs. The course also covers the derivation of the basic flow equations for real gas and their solutions and applications for analyzing gas well testing, including hydraulically-fractured gas wells. Other topics include deliverability testing of gas wells, decline curve analysis, calculation of static and flowing bottomhole pressures, fundamentals of gas treatment processes and equipment, gas flow rate measurement, compression and transmission. The course also covers field development plans through integration of gas material balance equation and field deliverability tests.

Course Contents

  • Introduction; phase behavior and properties of natural gas

  • Reserves and performance predictions

  • Retrograde gas condensate reservoir engineering

  • Flow of gases in reservoirs, transient gas well testing

  • Gas reservoir deliverability (deliverability testing)

  • Gas flow in well bores (wellbore flow mechanics)

  • Choke performance

  • Well deliverability

  • Decline curve analysis

  • Gas treatment processes and equipment

  • Gas flow measurement

  • Gas compression and transmission

  • Gas field development plan

  • Special topics (liquid loading and hydrate control)

Course Description