Operations Geology

Operations Geology


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course provides knowledge on different wellsite operations and geological duties onsite. The course focuses on understanding job functions performed on site and types of data acquired. It’ll also provide details on drilling operations and jobs that are directly related to G & G.

Course Contents

  • Petroleum geology and its systems

  • Operations geology: prospect to well planning, provision of geological services

  • Wellsite geology: geological sampling, sample analysis, and well stratigraphy, cutting, and core description

  • Structural geology: fractures, faults, borehole geology

  • Drilling Operations: bits, fluids, casing and cement, drilling problems and well control, directional drilling, geosteering

  • Logging operations: acquisition, tools, quick look interpretation, MWD/LWD, geosteering

  • Pore Pressure and Wellbore Stability

  • Well testing & fluids: reservoir properties, rock and fluid interaction, permeability, averaging, data gathering and interpretation

  • Impact on FDP: case histories

  • Tendering and contracting

  • Reporting: geological data, petrophysical data, pressure data

  • Exercises: cores, cuttings, quick look, pressures, daily drilling report

Course Description