Practical Reservoir Simulation

Practical Reservoir Simulation


Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


The course introduces the student to basic theory and practices in reservoir simulation. The formulation of equations governing single-phase and multi-phase flow in porous media are discussed. The use of finite difference methods to solve ordinary and partial differential equations are then presented followed by discussion of various techniques to solve systems of linear equations. Finally, the concepts presented are demonstrated through applications using any commerical simulator.

Course Contents

  • Definition of Reservoir Simulation and its objectives

  • Types of Reservoir Simulators

  • Formulation of fluid flow equations

  • Darcy’s Law

  • Continuity equation

  • Equations of state

  • Single-phase flow equations

  • Multi-phase flow equations

  • Auxiliary relationships

  • Finite difference formulations

  • Discretization in Space

  • Discretization in Time

  • Explicit Formulations

  • Implicit Formulations

  • Applications of finite difference techniques

  • Applications and exercises using a commercial simulator

Course Description