Practical Seismic Attributes with Petrel

Practical Seismic Attributes with Petrel


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course focuses on the theory and workflows needed for using and obtaining seismic attributes. The course covers the common seismic attributes and their theory. The course will show how it could be used to interpret stratigraphy, structure, direct hydrocarbon indicators. This course will outline the practical steps and workflows of generating Seismic Attribute responses and relating them to geologic features.

Course Contents

  • Short History and Theory of Seismic Attributes

  • Seismic Attributes in Petrel

  • Colors and Visualization of Attributes

  • Surface Attributes in Petrel

  • Noise Reduction

  • Fault Interpretation (Edge Detection)

  • Fault Interpretation (Edge Enhancement)

  • Stratigraphic Interpretation

  • Channel Interpretation

  • Textural attributes

  • Fracture indicators

  • Carbonates

  • Salt

  • Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI)

  • Seismic calculator

  • Group project

Course Description