Production Logging Principles

Production Logging Principles


Production & Operations

Course Duration

5 days

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Production logging encompasses several cased or open hole logging measurements usually run in completed injection or production wells to evaluate the performance of the well itself or the reservoir. This course introduces the participants to the theory and practice of single-phase and multi-phase production log interpretation and design.

Course Contents

  • Introduction

  • Single-Phase production logging

  • Temperature logging

  • Radioactive tracer logging

  • Spinner flowmeters

  • Spinner calibration and single-phase production log interpretation

  • Multi-phase production logging

  • Overview or multi-phase flow in pipes

  • Fluid holdup and slip velocity

  • Fluid velocity measurements in multi-phase flow regimes

  • Fluid density measurement

  • Fluid capacitance measurement

  • Multi-phase production logging interpretation

  • Completion evaluation with production logging

  • Near-Wellbore cement evaluation and leak detection

  • Production logging in inclined and horizontal wells

  • Optical probes

  • Arrays of spinner flow meters

  • Production logs operational issues; case studies

Course Description