Project Management Optimization

Project Management Optimization


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Project Management Optimization provides you with a unique solution that offers higher returns as well as significant and sustainable improvement in managing projects successfully, efficiently and effectively every time. The authors of Project Management Optimization have over 50 years of business experience and conducted successful projects of various scale internationally. Ranging from training, consulting, development, implementation, organizational change projects to helping startup businesses through effective capitalization and sales. We have tens of thousands of hours in project management experience and thousands of hours of coaching. Project Management Optimization has the answer and provides you with a simple roadmap that helps you internalize, apply and habituate all necessary success principles and skills.

Course Contents

  • Understanding the qualities and skills of successful project managers

  • Detect, analyze and positioning for achieving exceptional success

  • Performing a comprehensive project stakeholders analysis

  • Create, write, visualize and disseminate an effective project mission statement

  • Manage change (overcoming fear & resistance) in an organization that results from project execution

  • Overcome the SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bounded) rule and adequately define ambitious project goals

  • Plan a project when sufficient resources may not be available (time, money, people, ideas, skills)

  • Accurately estimate project effort and cost

  • Manage the project confidently and without any risk

  • Overcome any project crisis

  • Create an effective system of communication through the project

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