Slickline Applications

Slickline Applications


Well Intervention

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


The course will consist of theoretical sessions that cover slickline equipment and instrumentation used to control, condition and monitor downhole operations. The course will be delivered in the classroom with experienced professionals providing presentations of the tools and operations. You are expected to acquire a clear understanding of the primary operations & need for slickline in the oil and gas industry.

Course Contents

• History of Slickline
• Slick line unit
• Weight and depth indicators
• Pressure control equipment
• Tools string components
• Service & Remedial tools
• Rig-up of slickline
• Running and pulling tools
• Shifting tools
• Locks, Standing Valves and Landing Nipples
• Kickover tools
• Flow control equipment
• Running – Setting – Equalizing & Pulling process
• Shifting tools
• Service and remedial tools
• Changing Gas Lift Mandrels

Course Description