Structural Geology

Structural Geology


Geology and Geophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course focuses on laying solid foundation about rock deformation processes and how it’s integrated from regional to reservoir scale. It’ll also give knowledge for planning exploration wells and better understand development fields.

Course Contents

  • Structural Concepts and Fundamentals

  • Geological structures in the field and on geological maps

  • Primary geological structures compared to geological structures caused by deformation

  • Deformation and strain (mechanisms, displacement vectors, kinematic analysis)

  • Force and stress (sources of stress, dynamic analysis, stress vectors, Mohr diagram, elastic/plastic/viscous behaviour, experimental results)

  • Brittle structures (deformation, fractures, faults, folds)

  • Ductile structures (deformation, folds, lineation, foliation, shear zones, metamorphism)

  • Tectonics and structural provinces (earth structure, structure of continental and oceanic crust, extensional provinces, compressional provinces, provinces dominated by shear)

  • Tools and techniques of structural geology (geological map, geological cross-section, geologic compass, stereonet, orthographic projection, strain/stress ellipsoids, Mohr diagram)

  • Economic applications of structural geology (vein mineral deposits, faulted coal seams, petroleum traps, hydraulic fracturing)

Course Description