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Getting talent management right is far from easy. A dizzying array of tools, models, strategies, and methods now exist to help organizations manage and deploy their talent. Talent Management merely is the identification, development, engagement, retention, and deployment of talented employees. Effective talent management has become a business make or break issue. In a knowledge-based economy, placing employees with the right skills and abilities into critical roles at the right time generates crucial competitive advantage. This course helps the leaders manage the talent in the organization via numerous effective strategies.

Course Contents

  • Employee Engagement

  • Engagement Assessments

  • Developing an Employee Retention policy

  • Investing in the Growth of your Talent (Training & Development)

  • Providing Career Development Opportunities for your Talent

  • Creating a Vertical & Horizontal Alignment in your Organization

  • Leadership Styles best suited to Employee Engagement

  • Accountability

  • Communication Styles for Best Engagement Results

  • Training and Developing your Talent

  • Evaluating and Recognizing Performance

  • Linking Talent Strategy to Business Needs

  • Recruiting and On-Boarding

  • Recognizing and Rewarding Performance

  • Developing & Growing Leaders

  • Learning & Organizational Development

Course Description