Team Building Optimization

Team Building Optimization


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The ability to contribute to productive and motivated teams always helps you work and live more effectively with co-workers, family members, and friends. Much of what you do at home and on the job, involves other people: co-workers, suppliers, customers, family, friends, etc. The most individuals in the modern work world interact with others throughout the day, every day. Successful team-based organizations—where virtually everyone supports the group’s mission and (more importantly) feels supported by the mission are committed to the philosophy that on the path to success, no one will be left standing at the side of the road. Individuals are complex. Teams are profoundly MORE complex. And the purpose of this Guidebook is to help you simplify and clarify some of the complex issues that may be hampering your individual and team productivity.

Course Contents

  • Team Commitment

  • Individual Accountability

  • Team Culture

  • Communication Skills & Habits

  • Meetings & Agendas

  • Valuing Differences

  • Team Rewards

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