Water Flooding

Water Flooding


Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course will introduce the basic theoretical and design aspects of water flooding processes. The course will also review the capillary phenomena and relative permeability characteristics of reservoir rocks. Theory of immiscible displacement including piston-like and frontal advance mechanisms will be thoroughly discussed. Injectivity analysis and performance prediction of linear and pattern flooding will be presented and challenges related to heterogeneous reservoirs and sweep efficiency will be highlighted.

Course Contents

  • Introduction; stages of recovery; development of waterflooding

  • Review of rock properties

  • Fractional flow curve

  • Frontal advance theory

  • Linear waterflood performance prediction

  • Injection patterns and areal sweep efficiency

  • Pattern waterflood performance prediction

  • Injectivity and conductance ratio

  • Coeeficient of permeability variation

  • Vertical coverage and volumetric sweep efficiency

  • Dykstra-Parsons method

Course Description