Well Control and Associated Surface Equipment

Well Control and Associated Surface Equipment


Drilling and Workover

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


This course provides fundamentals of well control during drilling and tripping in land and offshore wells. Topics include abnormal pressure detection, fracture gradient determination, casing setting depth selection, well control procedure while drilling and tripping, special conditions and problems in well control operations, well control equipment, well control while drilling from a floating rig, relief well design and underground blow out. This course is exercise-intensive and will include field case studies related to well control operations.

Course Contents

  • Fundamental Concepts of Well Control

  • Kick Detection and Kick Causes

  • Pressure Control Procedures

  • Well Control Equipment

  • Shut-in Procedure

  • Kick Kill Methods

  • Relief Well Design and Operations

  • Underground Blowout

  • Field case studies; lessons learned

Course Description