Well Stimulation Matrix and Fracture Acidizing

Well Stimulation Matrix and Fracture Acidizing


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Course Duration

5 days

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Well stimulation is a well intervention operation performed to enhance production by improving the flow of hydrocarbons in the near-wellbore area. This course presents the fundamentals of well stimulation design and execution so that the participants can diagnose formation damage and select the proper treatment.

Course Contents

  • Overview of common well stimulation methods and their applications

  • Formation damage in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs

  • Formation damage mitigation

  • Carbonate acidizing design (the design will include real field practice and how to design a complete acid treatment recipe for actual carbonate reservoirs)

  • Sandstone acidizing design and real-time job evaluation (case histories will be studied)

  • Acid and hydraulic fracturing fluids design and conventional recipes

  • Scaling up the lab experimental results to simulate field well stimulation operations

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