Well Test Design and Analysis

Well Test Design and Analysis


Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics

Course Duration

5 days

Delivery Method


The course will cover the applied aspects of well test analysis. Well testing is a conventional formation evaluation method to determine key reservoir and near-wellbore properties such as permeability and skin factor. These properties are then used in multiple applications within petroleum engineering like well performance modeling, reservoir simulation and characterization and well stimulation. Upon completing this course, the participants will gain theoretical and practical knowledge about pressure transient analysis techniques and apply this knowledge on selectively designed field case studies.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Applied Well Test Interpretation

  • Fluid Flow in Porous Media

  • Radial Flow Semi-log Analysis

  • Log-Log Type Curve Analysis

  • Pressure Transient Testing for Gas Wells

  • Flow Regimes and the Diagnostic Plot

  • Bounded Reservoir Behavior

  • Variable Flow Rate History

  • Wellbore Phenomena

  • Near-Wellbore Phenomena

  • Well Test Interpretation Workflow with case studies

  • Well Test Design Workflow with case studies

Course Description