Workspace Safety Optimization

Workspace Safety Optimization


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Why should you train your staff in Workplace Safety Optimization? Training your staff in workplace safety has numerous benefits for both the organization and the individual. In today's highly competitive and fast-paced world, organizations are realizing the enormous price of an unsafe workplace, not only financially but also in loss of credibility, quality employees, reputation, and revenue. A genuinely great organization must be aligned entirely with values and principles that unite the organization and advance it to an immense height. Safety for the sake of protecting people is a way to show that human beings are truly important. Great leaders use safety as a priority and to demonstrate that zero accidents/injuries are not about the bottom line, but about people. Safety is not a priority; it is a precondition. We will analyze and discuss the case study of ALCOA, one of the safest companies on the planet as well as your company's specific case studies to show how within an organization as the culture changes the safety profit / loss profile changes, and how safety can not only save lives & money it will actually become a revenue generator.

Course Contents

  • Making Safety a Personal responsibility

  • Types of Hazard and Inspecting

  • Intervention procedures

  • Recognition of safety minded individuals

  • Mentoring and safety partnering

  • Reporting accidents and Near Misses

  • Lessons from current and past Accidents

  • Effective safety communication

  • Sustaining a culture of safety

  • Leadership role in Safety

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