Dr Ahmed Amin

Dr. Ahmed Taha Amin specializes in formation evaluation, core analysis and reservoir modelling. He is formerly a Senior Lecturer (Prof.) in Petrophysics in the Department of Physics at the Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, Geological Department at Cairo University and Geophysical Department in Ain Shams University, Senior Instructor for many in-house and international courses in Petrophysics with major international training companies (NEXT, PetroSync, ResmotTec, OGS, RPS, TPS, Geopex, etc.).

He has provided training courses for RPS, London, UK, Cepsa, and Repsol, Madrid, Sasol, SA, East - Asia Oil Companies in KL, El-Furat in Syria, Sudapet in Sudan, Venezuela, KOC in Kuwait. He was also a Senior Advisor Petrophysicist in Apache Egypt Companies. He has spent over 40 years in industry, principally in log analysis and Formation Evaluation in various technical and managerial positions for GUPCO (Cairo, Egypt), ADCO and ADNOC (Abu Dhabi, UAE), QGPC (Doha, Qatar), APACHE (Cairo, Egypt), RPS Energy (in UK) and CEPSA in Egypt.