Vlassis Sarantinos

Vlassis was born in Cairo Egypt where he studied at the Greek High School, followed by University studies in England to Masters level in Engineering. His initial training and career started in the Middle East followed by a return to Greece to become part of a multinational team for the development of the newly discovered Prinos field. Vlassis has recently returned to Cairo to set up a new Oil company.

Vlassis has almost 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry with key areas being as follows:-


Over 30 years of preparing and implementing Workover, Completion, and Testing programs for single, dual, permanent, retrievable production and injection systems, combined with ESP’s or Gas lift. This experience starts from well killing procedures to final production testing and optimization of well performance. Most work performed offshore, in a high H2S environment.

Well Servicing - including:

  • All slickline and electric line operations. Perforating and logging

  • Coiled tubing operations with nozzles or motors

  • Deposits removal and inhibition. Asphaltenes-Sulphates

  • Stimulation with various acid systems

Production Engineering (well monitoring/well testing):

  • Monitoring daily oil and gas production and analyze data

  • Prepare procedures for production enhancement

  • Recommend intervention methods

  • Monitoring and analyzing daily water injection and gas lift in 24 wells with the objective to optimize usage of gas and water

  • Testing production wells, Nodal Analysis, Pressure Build up, Pressure Fall-off, Interference tests. Memory gauges and Amerada’s -Drill Stem testing of more than 20 exploration wells

Management - including:

  • Material and services procurement

  • Budgets and timetables

  • Contracts – Logistics

  • Safety and personnel issues

  • Supervision on site

  • Leader of company workforce plus contractors and service companies